The goal of this documentary is to also highlight emerging technologies that our scientific and engineering communities are using to help advance the cleaning of local waterways. Florida should be the global model of how to live green and clean on any body of water, and our aim is to advance that cause and contribute to revolutionary ideas that can propel Florida to becoming this example for the entire world. This would bring science, research, Federal funding, jobs for residents, as well as bolster our tourist industry and increase revenue for the state. Below are some example of projects and technologies we will be visiting, among others.



Hemp4water is an initiative brought about by professor Steve Edmonds, from Eastern Florida State College. It is a statewide initiative to further the advancement of hemp as a state crop, increase revenue, and clean water on many different levels. 

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Pegasus and Pisces

These projects are the brain child of Navy Veteran and University of Central Florida Alum Graham C. Addison. Through the partnership of motivated individuals, pegasus and pisces look to revolutionize the process of cleaning water on a statewide scale and in the future, the globe. 

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Do you have a project we need to see?

If you have a solution to this water problem, we need to showcase your efforts. Get in touch with us!