I've always had a connection to water. Since I was a small boy. I grew up enjoying  the waters of central Florida and have a deep connection to this beautiful gift from nature that gives us life. Here in Florida, water is a part of our life. We are born in it, we are made of it, and we require it on a daily basis. It inundates us, surrounds us, it gives us life as well as industry. Oceans, lagoons, rivers, springs, swamps, lakes, and estuaries, all rely on a delicate ecosystem that are currently riding on the edge of failure. When I started this journey, it was to highlight the things I grew up in, water. My original goal was to make a documentary about the space coast and travel the lengths of Brevard county on the ocean, interviewing professionals, celebrities, and scientists along the way, to gain a deeper understanding of our connection to water. Then, as every story goes, tragedy took place in the Indian River Lagoon. There was a mass Fish Killing, followed up by an apocalyptic algea bloom. Everyone was emotional, people demanded change, but as we’ve seen with so many things before this, politics stood in the way. 


Our Mission

The goal of this Documentary is to visit each of Florida's most popular and ailing waterways. We will start our journey in the panhandle of Florida and travel the lengths of Florida, interviewing scientists, celebrities, industry leaders who rely on water, and motivated citizens who understand the delicate balance we share with our ecosystem that is largely made up of water here in Florida. The details of this journey will be posted for you to share on Social media!

Our interviews will be on #TheAlphaCast podcast show. The Alpha Cast is made up of a group of intelligent, motivated, and rambunctious individuals who strive to be great in everything they do and want to connect people doing great things all over the world. The Alpha Cast is made up of Lowell K Everly III, JD Raynor, Jon "Jonny Boy" Tillman, and now our documentary partners Mike Hammer and Dylan Hansen.


“We need to turn all of this energy, all of this passion, all of this pain, into power, into something positive, into real change that will improve outcomes in people’s lives..let that burning feeling in your gut be the fuel to power a movement. Otherwise when the dust smoke clears all we have left are tears and ashes.”
— Algernon Johnson "Jay" Cooper III

What We've Achieved

Achievements coming soon!